Bestway Driving School Closure

Bestway Driving School Closure

Are you affected by the Bestway Driving School closure?

The sudden closure of Bestway Driving School, a respected company that has been training drivers for over 30 years has affected a number of students. Many students now find themselves with unfinished lesson plans and road test bookings and they don’t know what to do.

We can help.

At this time, Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy for New Drivers is honouring Bestway student’s outstanding lessons. In other words, if you have incomplete lesson packages you purchased from Bestway, we will work with you. We won’t ask you for additional payment up front. Our primary goal is to step in and help students who need it the most. We hope to be able to recover costs in a couple of ways – either by working with ICBC within the bond (insurance) process, or by receiving payment from students families who are successful in recovering payment by contesting credit card charges. We have been in touch with ICBC and they are working with us to help students complete their lesson packages. Contact us for more information.

Why would we do this, you ask?

We are interested in the stability and health of the Driver Training Industry now and into the future. The public needs to know that this industry is solid, trustworthy and will be around in the long run to support the needs of student drivers and parents. Having a popular, respected driving school close leaving students with nothing for the money they spent is bad for all of us. We want to work through this with ICBC and students families to help them complete their lessons and restore their faith in our industry.

Contact ICBC

If you haven’t already done so, you should contact ICBC to register your concerns. Click this link for more information from ICBC.

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