Vehicle Purchase Program

Discount for Customers

Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy for New Drivers and Mercedes-Benz Canada are happy to extend exclusive discounts towards the purchase or lease of a new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicle to our students or their parents/spouses with the same residence as the student. Customers who complete the Graduated Licensing Program are eligible to receive discounts on new and pre-owned vehicles, while a customer who spends a value equivalent to a GLP course or more on lesson packages can qualify for pre-owned vehicles only.

Discounts range between $500-$1,500 depending on model year and vehicle class and can be combined with any national and retailer incentive/discounts. Please reference the chart below for details.

Model Year 2018 Incentives

Vehicle Amount
Vehicle Amount
B-Class CAD $750.00
CLA CAD $750.00
CLA AMG CAD $500.00
C-Class Sedan CAD $750.00
C-Class Sedan AMG CAD $500.00
E-Class AMG CAD $500.00
E-Class CAD $750.00
SLC CAD $750.00
SL-Class CAD $1500.00
SL-Class AMG CAD $750.00
S-Class CAD $1000.00
S-Class AMG CAD $750.00
GLA CAD $750.00
GLA AMG CAD $500.00
GLC Coupe CAD $500.00
GLC 350e CAD $500.00
GLC SUV CAD $750.00
GLE SUV CAD $750.00
GLE AMG CAD $500.00
GLE Coupe CAD $500.00
GLE Coupe AMG CAD $500.00
G-Class CAD $750.00
G-Class AMG CAD $500.00
smart electric drive CAD $500.00