Collision Avoidance Course


Collision Avoidance Course



Want to further advance your skills? Here’s how.

Let’s look forward to when you’ve finished your GLP course and acquired your “N” licence. For a very low cost, we offer opportunities to continue raising your skills to the levels of elite drivers.

Collision Avoidance Course – Description

This course is suitable for drivers of all ages and experience levels. It  includes many of the concepts taught to our police, corporate and enthusiast clients and we present this course to new drivers all the way up to experienced, professional drivers. The course is presented at our private facility, the BC Driving Center at the Pitt Meadows Airport. The course consists of a classroom session of approximately 45 minutes in length with the remainder of the time spent behind the wheel under the coaching and observation of our instructors for a total time of approximately 3.5 hours.

The objective of this program is to enhance skills and increase awareness on the street. By enhancing certain skill sets, an increase in safety margins during every-day driving can be achieved. Our course will help establish what is referred to as the “One Second Advantage”. A European study found that if drivers had just one second more reaction time, over 80% of collisions could be avoided. There are some specific skills necessary to gain that one second advantage and we cover those during the course.

The key to all driving is vision. Advanced vision skills play a big part in helping you gain that one second advantage. We cover best practices in seating position, hand position, and mirror adjustment in the classroom, then conduct several in-car exercises where you receive instant feedback on your progress from our instructors. The in-car exercises focus on high-aim vision, peripheral vision, emergency vision, braking skills and general car control techniques.



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