Reviews and Testimonials:

Read what students and parents are saying about Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy for New Drivers’ GLP courses

At the conclusion of the final GLP classroom sessions, we ask students to share their impressions of the course they just completed. We don’t ask for their names, they’re free to write whatever’s on their minds. Read through a sampling of student (and some parent) reviews and testimonials. You’ll see a common theme begin to appear. But first…

Meet Kensie, a student in our Graduated Licensing Program!

I wanted to send you a note/testimonial on our recent experience with Mercedes Benz Driving Academy.

My son joined your program after turning 16 with no expectations of what he would learn or get from the GLP program and road test only hoping to learn to drive.  What he got was fantastic!  Your in class instruction provided face to face learning and understanding of the concept of driving, responsibilities and seriousness of being behind the wheel. Your on-line course helped to reinforce what was learned in class and also in car instruction but expanded on topics that just can’t be covered in 10 hours of in car instruction – things even I didn’t remember or know.

I want to focus on your in car instruction – my son had the pleasure of being assigned to Randy on the North Shore.  He was prompt and professional – but over all he was kind, patient and completely understanding of my sons level of driving.  He gave construction feed back to him directly and to me when asked.  Toward the end of the lessons and close to the road test he gave my son valuable hints and tips to assist with not only the test but after the test and when he would be driving on his own.  

I can’t say enough about Randy and want to thank him for being so encouraging and supportive at a somewhat stressful time in a young persons life.  I am attaching a photo of my son and Randy, I think the look on my sons face says it all.


Thank you,

Kristin Porter


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Kristin Porter North Vancouver

Mercedes-Benz did exactly what I expected. Totally comparable to the time I went for driving lessons and test etc. in Germany many, many years ago. Very detailed, with passion and patience.

“Maxim did his graduated licensing program with Merzedes-Benz over a year ago in Kelowna and is still driving safe. I am so very thankful for Uwe, who took Maxim under his wings with theory and driving lessons. Uwe taught him everything he needs to know with passion and patience. The whole experience with Merzedes-Benz was amazing. Good (german) quality education.”

Thanks so much in advance.

Kindest Regards,

Birgitt Sprenger

Parent Kelowna

The instructor knew what he was teaching and his interactive videos and comments made the class more enjoyable. The small class size also meant that there was more interaction between the instructor and students which was nice.

GLP Student Richmond

I really enjoyed this course! I liked to do the case files with the photos and I learned so much! The instructor was wonderful and it was a super chill and comfortable learning environment!

GLP Student Richmond

I would just like to compliment the driving instructor Rod of Pitt Meadows. He taught my son to drive 2 yrs ago and now is teaching my daughter. She hasn’t been as confident as my son but Rod has been amazing and gained her confidence. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is lacking confidence to drive. What a great guy!!! Thanks Rod.

Parent Vancouver

A quick note to let you know that my son, Parker took a driving evaluation last night with Rod Matthews and to report back, not only was it a worthwhile investment of time and resources, I also have to acknowledge and commend Rod for his professionalism coupled with his extra attention to detail and customer service. While I believe firmly that my son will benefit from the insights that Rod shared, equally important it has given myself and my wife the confidence in his abilities as a new driver to move forward with his driver’s test. While I appreciate the high standards that Mercedes Benz sets for its brand of motor vehicles, I would suggest that Rod is an equally credible reflection of the brand as well. Very well done!

Parent Vancouver

Just wanted to say thanks a million for helping my son Scott achieve his goal of getting his ‘N’. His instructor Rich was awesome and the lessons were just what he needed for the test and for his future behind the wheel. Thank you again, I will definitely be recommending Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy to the other moms.

Parent Vancouver

Please let Bruce know that Andrew passed his N with flying colours. When we left the house that morning, the little car that he’s done all his practice hours in had a dead battery. So he hopped into my big SUV with the really bad visibility, did a practice parallel park and went and did his test anyway. Thanks Bruce, for the great experience Andrew had with you.

Parent Vancouver

Having my daughter in your program is truly the best investment I have ever made, thank you!

Parent Vancouver

Chelsea took your driving school lessons with Susie who was AWESOME! She did a couple of lessons with her and then she took her to the road test and passed first time. We were really pleased with the whole thing. If you see Susie tell her she ROCKS.

Parent Vancouver