North Van Parent’s Comments

I wanted to send you a note/testimonial on our recent experience with Mercedes Benz Driving Academy.

My son joined your program after turning 16 with no expectations of what he would learn or get from the GLP program and road test only hoping to learn to drive.  What he got was fantastic!  Your in class instruction provided face to face learning and understanding of the concept of driving, responsibilities and seriousness of being behind the wheel. Your on-line course helped to reinforce what was learned in class and also in car instruction but expanded on topics that just can’t be covered in 10 hours of in car instruction – things even I didn’t remember or know.

I want to focus on your in car instruction – my son had the pleasure of being assigned to Randy on the North Shore.  He was prompt and professional – but over all he was kind, patient and completely understanding of my sons level of driving.  He gave construction feed back to him directly and to me when asked.  Toward the end of the lessons and close to the road test he gave my son valuable hints and tips to assist with not only the test but after the test and when he would be driving on his own.  

I can’t say enough about Randy and want to thank him for being so encouraging and supportive at a somewhat stressful time in a young persons life.  I am attaching a photo of my son and Randy, I think the look on my sons face says it all.


Thank you,

Kristin Porter


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